Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome, Now Let's get Loud!

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Come on in!  Pull up a plastic chair and let's talk.  

Regardless of where you are in your teaching career there are somethings you will notice.  
  • All of us hate change...some will act as though any slight change will threaten the existence of our careers and the future of America.  Usually they are wrong.  
  • Technology is tricky.  Some teachers are eager to try it out but they have to accept that you won't get the training and you will have to self teach.  The technology that you have if it works, and the network is not down the kids will love.  Be careful not to make high tech worksheets. The temptation is always there.
  • Administrators are weary.  The best things for the kids are difficult to check off a list.  Freedom in the classroom means there will be some teachers that don't get it.  They will try but they don't get it.  
  • Even though the system seems broken I love being a teacher!  
Why so loud?  
My entire teaching career I knew that my students did better when they could talk to one another.  We never sat in rows.  Well I tried to be normal...but it never lasted too long.  And yes I have been shushed by well meaning math teachers.  But we are learning here so sometimes we have to make some noise. It didn't take long for me to learn that rows were not my thing we needed groups so we could get louder. And if I was having fun so were they.  

This blog is a tribute and road map, maybe a life line to other teachers like me.  I welcome you and can't wait to meet you all.

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